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-Clackamas County Meals on Wheels operates independently of Loaves and Fishes and receive NO funding from Loaves and Fishes.

-All home delivered meals in Clackamas County are prepared and served from one of the 10 adult meal sites.

- In the last fiscal year, CCMOW served over 169,035 hot meals to seniors or disabled residents throughout the county.

-Our Volunteers prepare and deliver over 14,096 meals monthly. Some meal sites serve daily, others four to five times a week.

-Average cost for the meal and related assistance last year was approximately $7.00. This includes an initial assessment as well as ongoing monitoring of each recipient to identify other needed services.

-Our home delivered meals program operates under the guidelines of the Older Americans Act and receives funds from both OAA and NSIP (Nutrition Services Incentive Programs (USDA).

-OAA and NSIP funds pay for just less than one-third the cost of each meal; voluntary recipient donations add approximately one more dollar per meal.

-With the rising cost of gas, food and supplies, the meal costs continue to rise but Federally mandated funds and individual donations have not.

-Center donations and fund-raisers have always paid the difference but Clackamas County Meals on Wheels anticipates an additional $75,000 shortfall, in funding during this fiscal year.

-Clackamas County Meals on Wheels, Inc. works to bring awareness to the Meals on Wheels program and helping to raise dollars to bridge the gap in funding.


-Its easy to forget that hunger occurs throughout the year.

-More than 5% of our country's elder population lives at or below the national poverty rate.

-Clackamas County's aging population grows by 7% each year!

-in 2006, 40334 adults over the age of 65 lived in Clackamas county.

-Home delivered meals reaffirm the dignity of each person.

-Home delivered meals help to maintain an independent life style regardless of income.

-Clackamas County's Focal Point Nutrition program brings other needed services to elderly residents whose needs might otherwise go unnoticed.

-Home delivered meals SAVE TAX DOLLARS by delaying the move to a residential care facility.

-Our home delivered meals program depends on volunteers to help prepare and to deliver hot meals at four to five times a week.

-Although meant to cover just one third of daily dietary needs, home delivered meals often become the primary food source for both lunch and dinner.

-In Clackamas County the need is rapidly growing but the funding to service the demand is not.

-We must find new sources of funding.

-We need your support!